Ronnie Kroell is an Actor, Model, and Co-Founder of Friend Movement — an organization that is, “Supporting and empowering people to accept and be their true selves.” He is best known for his appearance on BRAVO’s, “Make Me A Supermodel”, where he was the runner-up and fan favorite. After the show, Ronnie spent a great deal of time working in fashion in NYC, on and off the runway for numerous talented designers. He was also the first openly gay public figure to pose on the cover of PLAYGIRL Magazine in 2010 and has starred in numerous films such as Eating Out Drama Camp, Into The Lion’s Den, and Scrooge & Marley.

Ronnie was recently named UGG Australia’s “Man of Character” and was the recipient of a White Party ICON AWARD in 2014 for his dedication to the community and his humanitarianism.

Currently, Ronnie is filming two new reality shows —

  • “Swimsuit Centerfold”, where he is a judge and a health and fitness advisor for the contestants &
  • “Ronnie & Eddie”, where Laughing Ronnie and Laughing Eddie are bringing back a Laverne & Shirley style show, but as a modern reality TV drama.