Behind The Smile | Autobiography

BEHIND THE SMILE is an autobiographical self-help book by Ronnie Kroell.

Ronnie wants his readers to learn more about whom he is a person, but more importantly to find practical wisdom in each chapter that could be put to use immediately to improve their over-all quality of life.


  1. You & Me Against the World.
  2. Monkey in the Middle.
  3. Battle of the Bottle.
  4. Strike a Pose.
  5. “So, You’re Gay?”
  6. 9/11.
  7. Just Be You.
  8. Tiny Cat & The Elephant in the Room.
  9. Cocktails, Tans, and Politics.
  10. Make Me a Supermodel — My Bromance.
  11. Dropping My Labels for Playgirl.
  12. Hollyweird Dreams.
  13. 921 Miles.
  14. Me & My Shadow.
  15. Meet Me in the Middle.

Book will be available for purchase in 2019.