Smoke In Your Eyes

How can you see me with all that smoke in your eyes?

Drawn to my light, but unable to embrace my pain.

Wanting my body, my connections, my highs —

Taking my sunshine, but confused by the rain.

From the outside looking in you’re free to fantasize,

but very few are allowed to enter my private space.

Inside there’s a heart, a mind, and soul that is wise —

Invisible to those that are caught-up in the race.

Like a moth to a flame we go at it strong,

but as time goes on the air grows cold and stale.

Fantasy fades and it feels like we don’t belong —

Our hearts exposed and afraid to fail.

Perhaps if we didn’t go so fast,

but looking back that seems impossible now.

The spell was cast —

Curtain call, it’s time to take a bow!

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