Behind The Smile | Memoir

BEHIND THE SMILE is an autobiographical self-help book by Ronnie Kroell (to be published September 2023).

In the keeping up with the Kardashians age of social media, many of us are getting caught up in presenting fabricated + exaggerated versions of ourselves to feel relevant. Face-tuning, filtering, and carving 6-pack abs out of our not so 6-pack bellies to manufacture an illusion to fit-in, captivate our audiences, gain followers, and make money.

We’ve become accustomed to showing the high-light reels of our lives, but rarely do we acknowledge the ugly truth behind the scenes — the challenges, the hardships, and the days that we’ve been so depressed that we just want to throw in the towel. Instead, we put on a big smile, suck it up, and show the world just how “happy” we are hoping that they won’t catch on. This behavior has created an endless cycle of people pleasing, putting our need to be liked over our own health + well-being, and encouraging others to join the game or be left out of the “cool kids” club.

More than just giving the reader an intimate look into the man himself, BTS offers practical guidance, tools, and daily life-hacks called, “Wisdom Teeth”.