Burning Man

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I entered Burning Man as Ronnie Kroell and left as Earnest (On The Playa). My name was given to me by a man named Blue that I had just met. He said that I was truly Earnest and that I should hold that close to my heart and always embrace that quality wherever I went. I was served delicious tea by Clue. I was inspired by Joe Peach. Luke gifted us all amazing sound bowl meditations. I was helped by Ed when my bike needed fixing. Tracey gave me a reading and some powerful aromatherapy oils. Robby did some word slam poetry for me. Wish invited me to check out his amazing fashion line. Victoria was an angel and pointed me in the direction of the 9e tent for some energy reading and healing. Jahan and Artie jump started the RV after the battery died, but first in their loving Persian way fed me and showed me so much love.

Parker’s show took my breath away and inspired me to find a way to engage Friend Movement to collaborate and add value as the project expands. Nikolai stole the show with his magic piano that lit up when he played it. I gave Justin and Oleg Angel readings and appreciated the warmth of their soul that was apparent by looking into their eyes as we sipped tea. I picked up moop and put it into the trash. Sam gave me a cool dust mask with an American flag. I slept many a night in the cuddle puddle filled with larger than life plush teddy bears. I felt an overwhelming sense of love, kindness, and gratitude as my authentic self became less and less afraid to dance about. I left my sadness, regret, and love for those that have passed on at the Temple. I shared meals and fellowship with my fellow Olympus campmates.

I stared in awe at a mesmerizing fire breathing octopus. I explored the art installations and got caught up in playa dust storms a plenty. I had a chance meeting with my new friend Ibok and we journeyed across deep playa to say good-bye and honor his father and brother at the Temple followed by dancing the night away on an art car until the sun came up and we celebrated the mystery of life …

I gave and I received, but above all else I realized that this feeling of connectedness to my fellow man did not have to stay in the desert, but that it was possible in the “real world” too … It’s only a matter of time and being the change that we wish to see.



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