Environmental Committee Chair

Isaac Lertola

Isaac graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Urban Studies and from Bard Center for Environmental Policy with a Master of Science in Environmental Policy. His graduate research investigated Pennsylvania’s extensive surface coal mining past, and he offered recommendations on how to avoid another legacy water pollution crisis from the state’s rapidly growing natural gas industry. In addition to three years of experience in fossil fuels research, Isaac brings with him a commitment to and a passion for a number of social and environmental justice issues including, but not limited to, drinking water accessibility, food safety and nutrition, renewable energy, economic development, and environmental and public health. Isaac’s interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate education helped him understand the numerous connections between all of his interests, particularly the ways in which the food, energy, and water systems influence each other. Isaac is excited to join the campaign as the Environmental Policy Chair and looks forward to working with colleagues and communities to develop ambitious and practical environmental policies to improve the lives of American and global citizens.

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