Welcome to the family! We provide a safe and loving space to heal and cultivate friendship.

Friend Movement was founded on July 1st, 2012 by Ronnie Kroell, “Laughing Eddie” Lobo, and a team of talented artists.
Ronnie Kroell had been individually working on creating a grassroots movement that would aim to celebrate our diversity and prevent bullying, but more importantly it would focus on the things we all share in common. He merged his ideas and worked with his friends to conceive Friend Movement.
Today Friend Movement offers a wide variety of services not limited to, but including: Motivational Speakers, Consulting Services, and The New F Word Photo Campaign. Ronnie Kroell continues to nurture and cultivate relationships with a wide array of organizations along with an impressive catalogue of celebrity support. Friend Movement continues to pursue its founding values and ideas as it advances into the future with the support and dedication of an incredible team of creative individuals and the unconditional support of countless individuals worldwide that keep the momentum going.
We are living in a time where social networking has become a part of daily life; integrated into all aspects of what we do as human beings. Friend Movement’s constant evolution on how we view media and the needs of society, coupled with our core values and our mission statement, gives us incredible opportunities to be innovative, creative, and playful with our art and ideas.
If you support our grass roots movement, then please consider changing your middle name on Facebook and Twitter to “FRIEND”