Ronnie is taking a page from George Washington’s book and looking to YOU, The People, for guidance in developing his platform. Washington surrounded himself with trusted advisors, listened to everyone’s opinions, looked at all the facts, and then came to his own conclusions after careful consideration.

This will be a true political science experiment where we focus on the tough issues, but resolve to share our needs and ideas with respect for our fellow citizens. After all, isn’t it time to get off Complain Book, er, Facebook, and take real action?

By setting our fear, ego, and name calling aside, we can finally come together with the intention of finding real solutions that will move our country forward — this will mean compromise — we repeat — this will mean compromise.

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Pillar 1: Mental Health / Healthcare 

Nearly 45,000 suicides occurred in the United States in 2016 — more than twice the number of homicides — making it the 10th-leading cause of death. Among people ages 15 to 34, suicide is the second-leading cause of death. In addition, citizens should have access to the healthcare that they need without going into unsurmountable debt, it’s just not right. If we do not tend to the health and well-being of our people and see it as a necessary investment, rather than a wasteful expenditure, then we shouldn’t even bother discussing any of the other issues. 

[Health Policy Committee]

Pillar 2: Homelessness / Poverty

With over 500,000 people homeless and yet another 40M living in poverty, it’s hard for me to acknowledge and/or celebrate that we are the richest and most powerful country in the world. It’s time to take responsibility once and for all, to end the blame game, and create a hand-up stimulus that will help those that need it most to become healthy, happy, and contributing members of society.

[Homelessness/Poverty Committee]

Pillar 3: Jobs / Economy

By 2030, 39-73M US jobs will be lost to automation/robots, the total loss around the world will be about 800M. The old ways of doing things are dying away while technology and shifts in our environment are demanding that our laws and policy meet the needs of a changing economy and protect the interests of the people.

[Jobs/Economy Committee]


The citizens of the United States are all immigrants. With that in mind, we must pave a way for new citizens to legally enter our country while keeping our borders safe. I believe that it is possible to enforce our laws humanely while educating our people on the challenges that those fleeing here from other countries are challenged with. We must take a loving, logical, and empathetic approach to this issue.

[Immigration Committee]


After reviewing the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, compiled by 145 expert authors from 50 countries over the past three years, it’s impossible to neglect that our planet is in grave danger. We are all connected and our policies and laws must work to usher in new ways of economic growth and expansion that factor in environmental health and well-being.

[Environmental Committee]

Women’s Rights

Personally, I am very much Pro-Life, but when it comes to the government getting involved, it should be a woman’s right to choose (as decided and governed by Roe v Wade). My administration will work to encourage and fund a pro-life path for all those willing to explore it.

[Women’s Rights Committee]

Gun Safety

I believe that protecting the 2nd amendment and protecting our community can be achieved at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. It is imperative that we stop fighting and encourage collaboration between groups like the NRA & March For Our Lives to find solutions that make sense and save lives, without offending or violating constitutional liberties.

[Gun Safety Committee]


Education is one of the most fundamental building blocks of a society and it should be viewed as an investment into our people and to our country. The return on an investment like this is well-worth the risk and I strongly believe that our citizens should not be denied access to knowledge simply because of lack of financial resources.

[Education Committee]

LGBT Rights

Love, is love. When it comes to consenting adults that are causing no harm, the government need keep its nose out of people’s business and afford them the same rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual counter-parts. Sexuality is only one part of what makes a human being special and valuable, but we’ve focused unnecessarily on how it makes us different for far too long.

[LGBT Rights Committee]


Our farmers have some of the most important work and it has become increasingly difficult due to poor soil conditions, changes in weather, feeding an expanding global population, and meeting strict environmental regulations. We must work closely with our farmers to improve the quality of soil (and thereby the quality of our food for consumption), to increase their crop yield, and to meet the increasing demands of environmental regulation.

[Agriculture Committee]

Rural America

It’s unfortunate, but many politicians over-look the needs of rural-America for the needs of more largely populated urban communities. I’m aware of the numerous challenges facing the forgotten parts of our country, for example access to quality health-care, the loss of retail jobs to a growing digital economy, and an opioid crisis that is disabling a large segment of the workforce. Under my administration, we will work together to make sure that no one is left behind in the wave of technological advancements.

[Rural America Committee]

Foreign Policy

The United States is supposedly the leader of the free world, but we are falling behind on so many levels. It’s time for us to practice what we preach, to improve relations with our allies, and to take care of domestic issues while exploring ways to encourage and spread our democratic way of life to all those willing and able to participate. 

[Foreign Policy Committee]

Campaign Finance Reform

The 2016 election cost $5 BILLION DOLLARS, imagine if just a small fraction of that was invested in fixing our homeless epidemic, mental health crisis, and/or providing some relief to those that are living in poverty and trying to make ends meet. It’s unfair that candidates that have the ability to grotesquely out-spend their opponents, whom perhaps have even better ideas and plans to help the people, can buy elections. It’s time to level the playing field, to place caps on campaign fund-raising/spending, and to get back to the brass tacks of our political platforms.

[Campaign Finance Reform Committee] 

Security / Defense

We have become a nation of war, but now it is time to declare peace. My administration will work to create exit strategies for current military involvement, where possible, and use diplomacy up until a time where war is the very last option. Our military will always be the strongest and most prepared for threats, but it is time to bring our brave men and women home so that they can be with their loved ones.

[Security/Defense Committee]

Social Security

We have an aging population that has invested into Social Security and have expectations that those funds are going to be there to provide them the security and well-being that they were promised. Over the years these funds have been borrowed from and misappropriated by those in power, but that will come to a swift halt under a Kroell administration.

[Social Security Committee]


The coal an oil industries have been a part of our way of life for so long, but we are realizing the harmful impact that these energies are having on our environment and the importance of making the shift to clean energy of wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, hydroelectric, hydrogen, and the ocean. We cannot expect this shift to happen overnight and we cannot make villains of those that have investments in these old energy systems, rather the government must provide incentives as a catalyst for the change we seek.

[Energy Committee]


Religious freedom is a fundamental right in our country for a reason, but at what point does a consumer’s right to buy conflict with and or trump a religious vendor’s right to withhold from selling goods or providing a service? We are a country of diverse religious beliefs, but I believe in a strong separation of church and state. As a spiritual man, my beliefs are my own and while my beliefs guide me, I do not seek to impose them on others. My first priority is to protect the freedom and equality of all-Americans, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

[Faith Committee]

Tax Reform

I will be working with my team to devise a plan for comprehensive tax reform. Let’s be honest, no one really likes taxes, but that’s because many times they are overly implemented and the funds are often misused. Under my administration, I would like us to get to a point where our tax system is widely seen as a true investment into the community that we willingly partake in because trust has been restored.

[Tax Reform Committee]

Constitutional Amendments

The last constitutional amendment was ratified on May 7th, 1992, and ironically enough it had to do with not creating any law, varying the compensation for the series of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect until an election of representatives shall have intervened. It’s time to create some new amendments, starting with the exploration of term limits for elected government officials.

[Constitutional Amendment Committee]