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After the 2016 election, 42% of those polled by Gallup, identified as Independent.

What does this mean? 

Simply put, it means that the current two-party duopoly is no longer serving the dire needs of our Nation. Radical hatred is on the rise, half a million people are homeless, our children are being murdered, our infrastructure is in shambles, the increasing wealth gap is leaving 43.1 million people impoverished, and Congress’s approval rating is at 13%.

We Americans are better than this, aren’t we? 

Our founding fathers charged us with the duty of Perfecting the Union, not with apathetically standing by and contributing to another civil war. No one wins a civil war, no matter what you’re fighting for. History is our greatest resource, from it we can learn how to rise above our challenges towards peace and prosperity. It’s time to find, not a red or a blue solution, but rather a “purple” one. While it is vital to celebrate our diversity, we must also honor the powerful thread that connects us all — Our ability to unite as patriots and to put country first. 

THE PHOENIX is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past, and it also represents the victory of life over death — thus immortality. We cannot allow ourselves to be reduced to Red and Blue States — We are “The United States of America” working together to find Purple solutions to challenging issues.

NOW is the time to set aside our ego, listen to one another, and “Meet Me In The Middle”.

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